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HairTuber Clients' Business stores

Hairtuber aims to support more small businesses. If you're considering to start your own hair care business you can find what others did. Those stories are shared by our clients who made a great success between life and business. Hope you can get more confidence and courage from them.

Author and Salon Owner

My name is Ciera Frederick I started my own business called NuCreations714 located in Cocoa FL about two years ago. It's a braiding hair salon I've been braiding for over 15 years. I started at home just by posting my work online, clients inbox saying they wanted their hair done. I created a booking site and it went from there! I was working full time at home a 9-5 job for about 4 years. So I used my down time to braid hair and to get my clientele up. It was very hard long days short nights but I had to do what I had to do because my passion was too open up my own hair salon. After about 3 months I was able to open up a location for my clients. No more bringing clients to home! After a year of being open I was able to quit my 9-5 and work full time for my SELF! The best decision I've ever made! And to make things better I am an author of an Urban fiction book called "IF THE WALLS COULD TALK" Can be purchased on Amazon and Dorrancebookstore as well.

A Mother & Traveling Hair Stylist to a
Hair, Skin, & Mind Solutionist
When God's Touch Your Purpose

Hi to All My Hunty's My Name Sugarh J Grissom. I am a Traveling Hair Stylist ,Wife of 16 years , & a Mother of Once 4 of An Amazing Family. U Know when u Have Been Touch By Angel I literally Had a Beautiful Angel that was n still is My Peace. But as Our Father God, Had A Different Plan n called my Daughter to the Glory of Heaven. My Daughter Home going was a Truest Challenge For Me. So Father God Felt my Tears To Giving Me A Chance At Tears Of Joy I Miss her so much That I Would Write Her Name Constantly n I would cry n pray To God to Give Me Signs on How I Could Have the World to Know Her Name.He Given Me A Dream Of Turning My Passion Into Reality...Of God's Purpose for Me. I am A Travel Hair Stylist & wishing to Level Up By Starting my Own Hair & Wig Care Line. God Leaded Me Every Step Of The Way. I Started Online READ MORE >Classes. Now Specializing in Hair & Wig Care as a Bonus to myself. So I Will Like To Welcome as A Small Business Owner that has a Lil Special Bundle of Joy I Once Had In Our Life. I would love to share with All Wonderful Energy To C'Unique Chateau . And It Has Happen All To Amazing" Hairtuber Vendor"n Wonderful Support Team To Help Us All Along The Way . I wanted to give on my Dream In So Many Ways . But I Give a Special Thanks To My Mentor Ms Jenny I Given Her my Ideas N Explained Determination of Branding My Own Was So Important. Hairtuber is the best Company that I care for as My Second Family That Ever Happen to Me ,My Loves.Im Hear To Say Never Give Up On Your Dreams. It's a Process, But You Guys All I Can Say Is Trust God's Process. I didn't Think Along My Journey. I Would find out I Dealing with A Rare Illness that had me Hospitalized .To I'm now in transformation of Bedrest No Driving n Treatments.N Ms Jenny N Hairtuber Family Don't Allow Me To Miss A Beat. N I Thank You too For V.I.P Group there all are so wonderful ladies as well But I am So Grateful for the Love n Support of my Family N Frds But Especially Grateful for Hairtuber as My Second Family to Greatly Support me As Well . Ms Jenny I Must Say Is Such Amazing Soul To Me. She still made sure Of Being Amazing Mentor Of Motivation For Me. That I Would Be Left behind due to what ever storm Came My Way. I'm So Thankful N Grateful You Guys For God Answered All My Prayers. Sent me Another Guardian Angels Called "Hairtuber"
Great Patience
Awesome Customer Service
Always Great Creative Work
Very Prop About Your Branding
Forever Great Deals
Always Welcome Like Family
Never Late On Delivery
GUARANTEED Who U Need On Your Team Too Farther Your Career
Wonderful Souls To Work With
I Hope And Pray For whatever Journey you may Take, Put an Amazon Awesome Father God First into Everything You Do. Never Give Up On Yourself Bc God is with you Every Step Of the Way. N Kno It's A Working Progress Ladies .But with Hairtuber They will Assist Lighting Your Load my Loves.READ LESS >