Silk & Shine
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After using the conditioner my hair felt silky & has a natural shine
Sale Really Fast!
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I need to do another bulk order bc I’m low on them. Those sale really fast!
Satisfied Customer
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I created my entire haircare line with hairtuber products. I have to say that my lace glue and my edge control are my best sellers.
Works great!
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I was very pleased with the Lace Grids & Knot Concealer. It helps to blend the lace very well.
I highly recommend it!
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My clients loves my Hair Grow Oil. I highly recommend it. I can’t keep it in stock. Thanks Jenny.
I have tried the hair growth and edge control and all my custome
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The hair growth oil show growth in 3 day of use and the edge control does not flake at all
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Thank you so much! Yessss I love them I will be order again!
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So I decided to try the lace tint spray and the lace glue the tint spray match my screen tone to the t and the glue was better then the other lace glues I've tried it dried pretty quick and the side of my lace stay dwn. I never experienced that with any lace glue so far so good
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This edge worked wonders for me and only started going white after a week or two of build up
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After 2 weeks lace is still intact (no sliding/no lifting)my lace glue is really pressure. My vendor is the bomb!
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I used the braid gel on my client it's nice.. Not to thick or thin.... And does not leave that white residue.. And slides very well with each plait
Hod pretty well!
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I've been using this edge control everyday on my hair and it's been holding pretty well
It makes their edges last!
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My clients love how long it makes their edges last!
I love it!
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It works very well on my hair, I tried it on my wig as well and it works perfectly. I also love the smell of that oil My hair usually get tangled when it’s out, I’ve been applying that oil when it get like that and it helps my hair to be easier to comb.
Love Love the Hydration!!!
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Honestly the best leave in condtioner for my curls
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Love everything.
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Products are exactly as promised and labeling is everything I expected they are gonna help me get this hot girl summer started off right for my clients.Truly happy I chose HairTuber. -ShaSha’s Wig Boutique
Truly happy about their items
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I received all my items and they were as expected I love them and I will be purchasing more. -Sha Sha’s Wig Boutique @shashaswigboutique
Love the scent
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Pineapple scent smell so good. Love the scent and it does as it should
Great Product
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Product is GREAT, communication is great overall service is great, easy, and smooth! Will continue business with this company!
Worth it!
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I was nervous to order bc I randomly ran across this wire , but when it came I was glad I did!! Definitely ordering again.
Love it
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I love this edge control no residue not greasy at all and it smell so good
You will NOT be disappointed!
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I love it!I was skeptical of making the purchase but, I'm so glad that I did. We've tested the product and it has a strong hold. It smells soooo good, I will definitely add more for my customers. I love it! Glad I tried it. We'll be testing other items soon... Thank you so much.
It the growth for me
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I have been using this amazing hair growth oil , it s smell amazing and it the growth for me . This products actually work and I’m loving my results
Amazing product
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This product is a life saver. The smell is also amazing.
Very Impressed
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I've been ordering the wholesale hair care products for a while and I am very impressed by each product's quality and quick response time. My customers love the products and so do I!